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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Big butt problem...or is it???

Dear Jenn,
I recently read your post about the girl with the big breast problem, so I got enough courage to write and tell you about my "big butt" problem. I have a very flattering figure so my girl friends tell me, but sometimes I think too flattering. I have the exact figure like Kim Kardashian. Yes my butt is just as big as hers too!!!

I know you're probably going to say that I should be proud of it, and I am to a certain point. I am just tired of the unwanted attention and cat calls that I get from strangers in the street. In high school, all of my male "buddies" were not friends at all, they just wanted to get with me in the end. And now I am getting similar attention from work.

I want people to get to know and appreciate me for me, my character and personality, and not for my body, I'm tired of being treated or looked at like some piece of meat.

I want to dress differently in order to cover myself a little more, but at the same time I don't want to look baggy and sloppy. Can you help me with style tips on how I can cover up a little and still look chic at the same time?

-name withheld

Dear Withheld,
Yes you are right, I am going to tell you to be proud of it, and with a little help you will soon be accepting of your gorgeous figure. Now let's take a look at how the Queens of big butts do it, Miss J Lo and Miss Kim Kardashian.

Here Jennifer Lopez wears a pair of skinny pants with a tunic-style top. She compliments the outfit with a belt, worn very stylishly and giving off a professional yet chic look.

In this pic J-Lo is again wearing a tunic length, free flowing striped top. Wearing stripes distracts the eyes and helps to conceal the curves.

Kim Kardashian spotted out eating and shopping with Bruce Jenner and her brother Robert Kardashian Jr. while filming their show 'Keeping Up With The Kardashian's' in Santa Monica, CA.
Here Kim Kardashian wears a tunic length jacket with what appears to be a basic white tanktop and tights, paired with studded boots. A great outfit for an out and about day while covering up casual chic style!

Kourtney Kardashian Recently single reality star Kim Kardashian and her sister Kourtney Kardashian seen out shopping at Diabolina in West Hollywood.
In the above pic, Kim wears a lovely loose fitting yet feminine top, along with a pair of short shorts. The rolled shorts, also loose fit, takes emphasis away from her curves. Very pretty and feminine. (I'm still wondering what the heck were the girls to the left and right of her thinking when they woke up and got dressed that morning, come on now!!!)

I just love how Kim puts together this outfit. She overlays the soft feminine shirt with a cropped jacket and pair of jeans. She accessorizes with a gorgeous long goldtone necklace and camel colored satchel.

The shirt doesn't seem to cover her rump completely but only halfway, again taking some of the emphasis off her assets ( pun intended =)

So the theme that seems to be running here are tunic length shirts paired with skinny jeans or tights.

As you can see from these pics, there are many ways and different styles you can put together, cover up, and still look damned good!

And always remember that the right accessories such as jewelry, belts and purses, can be used to draw peoples attention to it (as Kim does in the last photo with that gorgeous necklace) and away from the places that you don't want the focus.

So be happy with your body, and always love yourself first no matter what!

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