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Monday, May 7, 2012

Secret Garden "Versailles" Christian Dior

For those of you who are really digging the YouTube Christian Dior Ad like I have, I'm treating you to the longer version of it. I love it, it mezmerizes me!!!

If I can sum up my own personal style in one designer, it would totally be Dior!

His designs reflect the meaning of a classy woman, with feminine lines and detailing.

Enjoy the mini trance of Dior =)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to Dress "Bohemian" Style...

Who doesn't love the free flowing, flower child look of a Bohemian outfit. The Bohemian style is actually a style that originated in Bohemia (yes, Bohemia is actually a real place), a historical area located in Central Europe surrounded by Czech territory. So basically, it is a historic European inspired look.

The queen of Bohemian style...Nicole Richie.

The core of this look is feminine, free flowing, ruffles, and sometimes layered natural fabrics, in earthtone colors with lots of old-world prints such as paisleys, damask and floral patterns, and embroidered flowers.

 Long flowing skirts are often used in this look and most materials
 used in Bohemian inspired looks are natural cottons, linen, leather, lace and fur.

Achieving this look is fairly simple if you're a girl. If you look at the details above, I'm sure you have one of each in your closet that you can pull together for a Bohemian inspired outfit. Top the look off with a loose side braid, or crownbraids in your hair.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

How to Style a Leather Jacket

Dear Jenn,
I have a leather jacket in my closet and would like to put it to use again since it's whats in fashion again. Can you show me some ways to style it up and use it as a fashion piece and not just something to keep me warm?

Dear Tanya,
Leather jackets aren't just for bikers anymore =) Not only can you dress them up, you can suit them up and look classy too. Just build around the jacket and use the jacket as an accessory, kind of the icing on the cake.

Go over your wardrobe again and take a good look at what you have in your closet and use some of these examples to get ideas on how to mix and match your outfits. Here are how some of the celebs are rocking their leather jackets...

Lourdes Leon, with mom Madonna, is decked out in a Dolce & Gabanna ensemble.
She keeps it feminine by dolling up her biker chic leather jacket with a vintage inspired lace and ruffle mini dress.

Christina Milian is wearing a bubble gum pink leather jacket with fitted jeans. She kept it hot by pairing it
with a pair of bowed bubble gum pumps to match. A good everyday look.

Rihanna accomplished her classy chic look here with a Burberry quilted leather jacket, pencil skirt and cork pumps.
Very suitable for work or important meetings.
Vanessa Hudgens goes bohemian with this camel suede leather jacket and white cotton bohemian top. She even tied her hair into a side fishbraid to complete the look. To get this look, put together pieces in earth tones, and the more flowy and organic the material, the better.

The right jacket can even be pulled off as evening wear as seen with this lovely soft and feminine chiffon dress.

Ooooo, I love this look, I call this the Matrix look. Achieve this look by pairing your black leather jacket with all black and everything tight as does Jessica Alba in this pic.

Taylor Momsen's is rockin' the 80's look by pairing her black biker jacket with a simple black tank, hot pink mini skirt accented with ruffles, and of course you can't pull off the 80's look without fishnet stockings!!!

 Reference these pictures as inspiration for the look you want to achieve. Again, rethink every article of clothing you have, be creative and have fun doing it!

Monday, November 21, 2011

How to Wear Oversized Chunky Sweaters

Dear Jenn,
I know the oversized chunky sweaters are the thing to wear now, but whenever I'm shopping I just can't seem to picture in my mind how I would wear them. I just can't seem to picture what types of bottoms I can pair them up with. Any suggestions?

Dear Marissa,
I would of loved if you told me what stores you were shopping at so I could help you pair up specfic sweaters that you spotted. But since you didn't, I'll put some ideas in your head to try out.

The great thing about chunky sweaters is that you can wear them in so many ways and get so many looks.

For example, pair a chunky sweater with:

Chunky sweater + Pair of slacks = Professional/Preppie
Chunky sweater + Floor length skirt = Bohemian
Chunky sweater + Mini skirt = Flirty
Chunky sweater + Capri's/Culottes = Chic
Chunky sweater + Pair of leggings = Casual

Oversized sweaters go awesome with a pair of animal print leggings.

Now let's take a look at this sweater Demi Lovato is wearing here in this issue of Teen Vogue. If you saw this sweater alone hanging on a rack, most people won't take a second glance at it. But now that you see how it looks paired with a cute mini and saddle-shoes, it's definitely a look you might go for.

This Gina Tricot chunky sweater would look awesome
with a simple pair of jeans and some accessories.

Megan Fox pairs her oversized sweater with lace leggings.

Chunky color-blocked sweater worn with a mid-calf skirt.

Awesome cable-knit Gucci sweater worn with a chic pair of culottes
 and knee-high boots with a belt to tie in the colors together.
Again, my favorite motto "accessorize, accessorize, accessorize"!!!

Miley Cyrus wears her oversized cowl sweater with...well just that and a pair of tights.
She made it into a mini dress by adding a gold toned skinny belt, and there you go!

It's all about being creative. Try to mix and match your sweaters with things you would have never thought of putting together and you'll be surprised of the outcome.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Can Brunettes Really Wear Grey?

Dear Jenny,
I'm in need of a little bit of fashion advice. I received a grey sweater from my grandmother and it's the color grey. Surprisingly, it's a cute style but not one of my favorite colors. I am an olive skinned brunette and the color grey does absolutely nothing for me.

I do want to wear it one day I mean who doesn't want to make their ol' granny happy, but I really hate the color. Do you have any ideas for me, I mean how can I work with it, spice it up?

Dear Madeline,
Find a pant, capri or skirt in a color that goes well with grey, like maybe black, pink, red, plum, burgundy, and even lightblue. This will already pick up the outfit. You can also "spice it up" using accessories.

For example, say you choose to wear a dark colored bottom such as grey or black, you can give the outfit a pop of color or pizazze by wearing a cherry red belt or a red scarf around your neck. You can even swap the red color for a leopard print scarf or belt.

Another way to bring some happy into that sweater of yours is to wear jewelry with some bling bling. Wear a statement piece, but something really shiny that sparkles. This will break up the dull color.

Makeup wise, with your color and grey together, wear purples and plums on your eyes, and burgundy on the lips. This will warm up the entire look, and not leave you looking drab. The only exception with this makeup color is if you choose to wear a light-blue bottom, then keep the blues on the eyes as well, this will really help tie in the outfit. Or if you're not the eyeshadow wearing type, putting a little red lipstick will definitely hook you up!

I love to post examples so you can get ideas from them so here are a couple examples of how to pull off a drab color...

Notice how the earrings add some life to the grey ensemble?

Acessories bring your outfit to a new level.

Kim Kardashian tops off her grey shirt with a smokey plum eye.

Kylie Minogue adds life to her boring grey shirt with this leopard print scarf.

So what it boils down to is playing up with the right accessories and choosing the right makeup colors. Madeline, now and hook up your sweater!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

How to Dress at the Office

Dear Jenn,

I'm starting my first job at an office. I'm supposed to wear "office attire". I'm not exactly sure what that's suppossed to mean. Do you have any ideas on how to dress at the office, and still feel comfortable. I would hate to wear clothes everyday that I don't feel is me, or my style, or my taste. Please help! I have only 1 week left to shop!


Dear Denise,
For starters, jeans or denim clothing are a "no, no" in professional offices. And usually so are miniskirts, tank tops, and sneakers. It doesn't mean that you have to wear a pinstriped skirt suit either.

The feminine look is what wins here. Mostly knee length skirts will do nicely. Add spice with classic basic pieces. You can dress simply and add that "bam" by using bold but tasteful accessories that are you. I once read a piece of advice in Marie Claire that is so to the point:

Workwear Rule: The clothes should be sleekly efficient, the jewelry and shoes as daring as you are.

If you come away with anything from this blog post, the above workwear rule should be it.

So let's take a look at some office wear ideas:

Pick a style that suites you.

Wear a cardigan over a simple A-line dress.

Opt for a blazer over a simple tee or tank.

A simple but classy dress suitable for office to evening attire.

Office wear doesn't have to be boring, choose your own chic style.

Sexy but suitable office wear.

Choose pieces you can mix and match.

Super chic office wear.

Casual Friday-type office wear.

Sleek office dress.

As you can see, there are many ways you can dress to go to work. It doesn't have to be stiff and boring. Just wear suitable clothes that you feel like yourself in, and don't forget to add more of your style by accessorizing!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How To Apply Eyeliner for Your Eye Shape

Eyeliner, applied the right way can enhance the beauty of your eyes, on the other hand applying eyeliner the wrong way can bring attention to negative characteristics of your eyes. For example if you have small eyes, you should not be lining the inside of your eyes, (the waterline) because it will only make your eyes appear smaller.

Here are quick and easy tips to apply eyeliner for everyday use or with your favorite eyeshadow.

Find the description that best fits your eye shape and follow where to apply eyeliner to enhance the beauty of your eyes:

If you have small eyes:

Small eyes like Taylor Swift

Line the outer part of your eyes and include the lashline of your eyes, but not the waterline. This will open up your eyes and make them appear larger. Never line your water line, it will only make your eyes look smaller.


If you have big eyes:

Kim Kardashian without makeup.

Kim kardashian with the right eye makeup.

Line the lashline and the waterline with darkliner. Doing this will make your eyes appear smaller.


If your eyes are too far apart:

Line your entire eye, bringing the eyeliner into an inner cat-tail as shown on Angelina Jolie on the left. This will bring your eyes closer together closing in the space between them.


If your eyes are too close together:

Eyes that are close together like Demi Moore.

Line the upper and lower outer edge of the eye. This will draw the eyes outward and away from each other. Do not line the water line or inner corners as this will pull them closer together.


If the outer ends of your eyes slant downward (sad eyes):

Downward sad eyes like Nicole Richie

Line the upper lid entirely. Line the upper outer part
of the reyelid, the lash line and the water line.
Top it off with a cat-tail. This draws the eye
upward and gives the eye a more happy shape.   


If you have puffy eyelids:

Line the entire upper and lower lid, to include the lashline and waterline. Gentle smudge the outer parts of the lid. The smudging disguises the puffiness of the eyes.



If your eyes are sunken in or have really, really dark circles:

First off, the number one rule is to apply the right under eye concealer or corrector.

Line only the upper outer lid and lashline. Do not line the lower lid since you want to leave it fresh and bright. Putting any dark liner on the lower lid will only attract attention to, or bring out the dark circles.

Again these are quick eyeliner tips that can be worn alone or with eyeshadow. Follow these tips for fresher gorgeous looking eyes. The beauty of makeup is that it can enhance your beauty or it can be used to correct imperfections. Enjoy!