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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Clueless about colors

Dear Jenn,

I've been told before that I'm wearing colors that don't suit me or wash me out. I just wear certain colors because I like them. But the other day my bff commented on something grey I was wearing and said that the color made me look pale. I'm starting to wonder now. I never knew there was a color code to the clothes you wear. I am brunette with light brown eyes and Caucasian skin. What colors should I be wearing?

Feeling Blah,

Dear Miranda,

You should always be yourself and not let it bother you what other people think of your style, but since it does, I'll be more than happy to help...

For most brunettes, with brown eyes, (and yes the colors are different for brunettes with blue eyes), the colors that will flatter you most would be in the pinks, everything ranging from baby pink to fuchsia, to antique rose, mauve, plum colors, and all hues of blues, such as light blue, turquoise, aqua but not dark blue. You can try a rust color too. And for a pop of color, yellow tops and citrus colors like orange or lime green are awesome. Try to stay away from darker tops. Black is an exception, black is always chic. But stay away from grey.

 Dark bottoms are okay, you just want to focus on the tops since it is what will brighten or darken your face.

Here are a couple of examples of brunettes with complementary colored tops:

turquoise tops-river island pussybow caperose tops-dolman sleeve twist seam topgreen top-bailey 44 charlie brown toprust tops-burnout striped topyellow tops-wild horses sublimation teeorange top-bow belt tube top
yellow top-ruffled bib blouseyellow top-asos the it tankyellow top-asos horizontal stitch knitted crop tshirt

Again, style is up to you. Good luck and good shopping!!!

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