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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to get perfectly shaped eyebrows

Dear Jenn,

I recently started to pluck my eyebrows underneath the brow for a cleaner look, but I want a better shape overall. I'm afraid to do it myself because I don't want to mess up my brows since that is something that can't be fixed for a long time till they grow in. I'm also a little afraid to go to a salon to get them done because once my friend got hers done and they overdid hers and she looked scared all the time. 

What can I do to make sure I get a perfectly shaped brow?

(P.S. I love your Blog!!! =)

Dear Anita,
Thanks for the compliment. Believe it or not, there are a couple of guidelines to follow in order to get well shaped brows according to the natural shape of your face. Here is a diagram to follow and I will explain:

Use the lower part of your nose as a guiding point to find the natural shape of your brows.

1. The beginning of your eyebrow, the inner part closest to the middle of your face, should not extend the inner corner of your eye as shown by the straight vertical line on the picture. So you can clean off anything extending that line of your face.

2. To find the end of your brow use a nail file or something with a straight edge to line your nose with the outer edge of your eye. The part that touches your brow will be the end point, so clean off anything that extends that line.

Your natural arch is the highest point of your brow that falls between the middle, again using your nose as the guide as shown in the above picture.

3. If you have long brow hairs, you can trim them. Using a brow brush, brush your brows upwards and trim any hairs that are longer than the rest, one by one. In order to achieve a nice shape, make sure the inner part of your brows are a tiny bit thicker that the outer edge of your eyebrows.

Some people shave their eyebrows which is a mistake. Girls who do this have dark shadows around their eyebrows when they start to grow back in. Just plain ugly.

At The Salon

If you decide to go get them done at a professional, it will help if you bring in a magazine clip of the exact look you are going for.

Or, you can also ask them to give you a mirror to hold so you can watch what she's doing each step of the way. This way you can see if she's going a little over board before it's too late.

Good luck Sweety!

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