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Sunday, October 23, 2011

How to remove acrylic nails at home

Dear Jenn,

I naturally have thin flimsy nails so I am regularly going to the salon to get my nails done. I don't just get a simple manicure, I get acrylic nails because I like the way they look and they make my nails feel stronger. The problem is that underneath my nails I am absolutely sure, are worse that before I started getting them done. I want to remove them to let them breathe and get healthy again. I took this break for my nails once last year and it was soooo painful. The lady let my nails soak in some solution and then started peeling them off along with my real nails. I never want to go through that again!!! It was pure torture!!! Any way you can help me do it from home without the pain?

Dear Tanya,

I feel your pain, really. I experienced the same thing when I used to go for the acrylics. I stopped it long ago after I caught fungus under one of my nails and was so disgusted that I never got acrylics again.

That solution your manicurist used was acetone based. What you can do is go to your local drug store or beauty supply store and buy pure acetone. Regular nail polish remover is not strong enough for the job.

 Soak your nails in a small GLASS bowl (plastic bowls will melt) of acetone for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes check to see if the nails are soft enough to remove. Do not force them off or you will peel off your real nails along with it. If after 15 minutes they haven't softened enough, soak for another 15 minutes and check again. Continue the soak and check until they come off easily.

Post Acrylic Removal

After you've removed all your nails, wash your hands with soap and liberally apply a lotion with vitamin E. The best thing to do is always use things in it's purest form, so my favorite thing to use to moisturize my hands is pure olive oil. Or you can buy pure vitamin E oil from your drugstore. I know Rite Aid and and if you're in NY, Duane Reade sells it. Use any of these on your hands as a daily moisturizer until your nails are strong again.

Once your nails have had time to breathe and are healthy, it is safe to apply polishes once more.

Today you can find nail polishes that come with natural herbs and vitamins added to them. When you apply such polishes, it provides Vitamin E to your nails which gives nourishment and preserves its moisture. Some formulas not only beautify your nails but will also strengthen and accelerate nail growth. You can choose to purchase an organic nail polish instead of the artificially synthesized ones to guarantee that what you’re using will not harm your fingernails.

Another option to getting fake nails, are gel nails. Gel nails often look more natural compared to other types of artificial nails. Gel nails are designed to lengthen the look of your nails and to make them more durable especially if you are known to have brittle or uneven looking nails. These nails are made using a mixture of polymer and monomer gel. You can get them done at the salon again or now, they are making gel nail kits available to purchase at pharmacies or beauty supply stores.

If you decide to get them done at the salon again, make sure you choose a gentle and professional manicurist first. Unfortunately from experience, I've learned that not everyone who's working at a salon is always gentle or professional. Good luck Missy! =)

P.S. You can still do beautiful designs on both natural nails or gel nails.

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