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Monday, November 21, 2011

How to Wear Oversized Chunky Sweaters

Dear Jenn,
I know the oversized chunky sweaters are the thing to wear now, but whenever I'm shopping I just can't seem to picture in my mind how I would wear them. I just can't seem to picture what types of bottoms I can pair them up with. Any suggestions?

Dear Marissa,
I would of loved if you told me what stores you were shopping at so I could help you pair up specfic sweaters that you spotted. But since you didn't, I'll put some ideas in your head to try out.

The great thing about chunky sweaters is that you can wear them in so many ways and get so many looks.

For example, pair a chunky sweater with:

Chunky sweater + Pair of slacks = Professional/Preppie
Chunky sweater + Floor length skirt = Bohemian
Chunky sweater + Mini skirt = Flirty
Chunky sweater + Capri's/Culottes = Chic
Chunky sweater + Pair of leggings = Casual

Oversized sweaters go awesome with a pair of animal print leggings.

Now let's take a look at this sweater Demi Lovato is wearing here in this issue of Teen Vogue. If you saw this sweater alone hanging on a rack, most people won't take a second glance at it. But now that you see how it looks paired with a cute mini and saddle-shoes, it's definitely a look you might go for.

This Gina Tricot chunky sweater would look awesome
with a simple pair of jeans and some accessories.

Megan Fox pairs her oversized sweater with lace leggings.

Chunky color-blocked sweater worn with a mid-calf skirt.

Awesome cable-knit Gucci sweater worn with a chic pair of culottes
 and knee-high boots with a belt to tie in the colors together.
Again, my favorite motto "accessorize, accessorize, accessorize"!!!

Miley Cyrus wears her oversized cowl sweater with...well just that and a pair of tights.
She made it into a mini dress by adding a gold toned skinny belt, and there you go!

It's all about being creative. Try to mix and match your sweaters with things you would have never thought of putting together and you'll be surprised of the outcome.

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