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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Can Brunettes Really Wear Grey?

Dear Jenny,
I'm in need of a little bit of fashion advice. I received a grey sweater from my grandmother and it's the color grey. Surprisingly, it's a cute style but not one of my favorite colors. I am an olive skinned brunette and the color grey does absolutely nothing for me.

I do want to wear it one day I mean who doesn't want to make their ol' granny happy, but I really hate the color. Do you have any ideas for me, I mean how can I work with it, spice it up?

Dear Madeline,
Find a pant, capri or skirt in a color that goes well with grey, like maybe black, pink, red, plum, burgundy, and even lightblue. This will already pick up the outfit. You can also "spice it up" using accessories.

For example, say you choose to wear a dark colored bottom such as grey or black, you can give the outfit a pop of color or pizazze by wearing a cherry red belt or a red scarf around your neck. You can even swap the red color for a leopard print scarf or belt.

Another way to bring some happy into that sweater of yours is to wear jewelry with some bling bling. Wear a statement piece, but something really shiny that sparkles. This will break up the dull color.

Makeup wise, with your color and grey together, wear purples and plums on your eyes, and burgundy on the lips. This will warm up the entire look, and not leave you looking drab. The only exception with this makeup color is if you choose to wear a light-blue bottom, then keep the blues on the eyes as well, this will really help tie in the outfit. Or if you're not the eyeshadow wearing type, putting a little red lipstick will definitely hook you up!

I love to post examples so you can get ideas from them so here are a couple examples of how to pull off a drab color...

Notice how the earrings add some life to the grey ensemble?

Acessories bring your outfit to a new level.

Kim Kardashian tops off her grey shirt with a smokey plum eye.

Kylie Minogue adds life to her boring grey shirt with this leopard print scarf.

So what it boils down to is playing up with the right accessories and choosing the right makeup colors. Madeline, now and hook up your sweater!


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