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Friday, November 4, 2011

Tips for Looking Good on a Budget

Dear Jenn,
I love to shop but I haven't been able to do as much shopping as I used to. You see I was laid off from my last job due to the downfall of the economy. After being unemployed for a while, I took a job that paid lower than my previous one. The question is what can I do to stretch my dollar when it comes to shopping? How can I look good on a budget?
-Crystal from LA

Dear Crystal,
I'm glad you asked that question as I know many people are wondering the same question due to todays economy. I'll first let you in on a piece of advice to keep for life that an ex-boyfriends mom once told me. "You can buy the cheapest clothing and look like a million dollars if your hair is done nicely, and if your shoes and purse look expensive". And she is totally right.

Give attention to your hair and accessories. Your hair and accessories are the icing on the cake. We didn't say that your shoes and purse had to BE expensive, they just have to LOOK expensive. You can find an entire outfit at target, and look designer dressed, if you have the right eye. Bring along magazine clips of looks that you like and look for similar looking items. Top them off with a hot pair of shoes and a matching purse, and you're good to go!

Stretch your current wardrobe. Bring in pieces that you wear during other times of the year, and incorporate pieces and accessories to bring you into the season. For example, we are currently in the season of fall so if you have a summer tank dress, throw on a pair of knee high boots and a buttondown cardigan and now you've got an outfit for fall.

 Back in Spring, Duchess Catherine’s younger sister wore a printed dress with
a tan leather jacket and matching ballet flats. She recently pulled the dress back out of the closet for the fall season by teaming it with a belt, a wooly cardigan, black tights and buckled brown boots.

Thrift Shops. Thrift shops are an excellent place to go shopping on a budget. I for one can say that I've donated clothing, still with tags on them, to the salvation army and other local thrift shops. I can also say that I've found excellent pieces at thrift shops too. I once paid just $3.00 for a gorgeous Michael Kors jacket!

Allow yourself some time to shop there since you might have to search through a couple of racks in order to find clothing that suites your style, but it's so worth it in the end when you come home with $300 worth of clothing and pay only $20!

Shop Online. I love taking a day off to go shopping outside, it's therapeutic for me. But the real savings come when you shop online. There are tons of coupon sites online like retailmenot that offer savings and show which stores are having sales. You can compare prices on sites like shopstyle for similar items right from the comfort of your home, and many sites offer free shipping if you purchase over a certain amount. (You also save on gas so you can spend more on yourself =)

Happy Shopping!!!

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