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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How To Apply Eyeliner for Your Eye Shape

Eyeliner, applied the right way can enhance the beauty of your eyes, on the other hand applying eyeliner the wrong way can bring attention to negative characteristics of your eyes. For example if you have small eyes, you should not be lining the inside of your eyes, (the waterline) because it will only make your eyes appear smaller.

Here are quick and easy tips to apply eyeliner for everyday use or with your favorite eyeshadow.

Find the description that best fits your eye shape and follow where to apply eyeliner to enhance the beauty of your eyes:

If you have small eyes:

Small eyes like Taylor Swift

Line the outer part of your eyes and include the lashline of your eyes, but not the waterline. This will open up your eyes and make them appear larger. Never line your water line, it will only make your eyes look smaller.


If you have big eyes:

Kim Kardashian without makeup.

Kim kardashian with the right eye makeup.

Line the lashline and the waterline with darkliner. Doing this will make your eyes appear smaller.


If your eyes are too far apart:

Line your entire eye, bringing the eyeliner into an inner cat-tail as shown on Angelina Jolie on the left. This will bring your eyes closer together closing in the space between them.


If your eyes are too close together:

Eyes that are close together like Demi Moore.

Line the upper and lower outer edge of the eye. This will draw the eyes outward and away from each other. Do not line the water line or inner corners as this will pull them closer together.


If the outer ends of your eyes slant downward (sad eyes):

Downward sad eyes like Nicole Richie

Line the upper lid entirely. Line the upper outer part
of the reyelid, the lash line and the water line.
Top it off with a cat-tail. This draws the eye
upward and gives the eye a more happy shape.   


If you have puffy eyelids:

Line the entire upper and lower lid, to include the lashline and waterline. Gentle smudge the outer parts of the lid. The smudging disguises the puffiness of the eyes.



If your eyes are sunken in or have really, really dark circles:

First off, the number one rule is to apply the right under eye concealer or corrector.

Line only the upper outer lid and lashline. Do not line the lower lid since you want to leave it fresh and bright. Putting any dark liner on the lower lid will only attract attention to, or bring out the dark circles.

Again these are quick eyeliner tips that can be worn alone or with eyeshadow. Follow these tips for fresher gorgeous looking eyes. The beauty of makeup is that it can enhance your beauty or it can be used to correct imperfections. Enjoy!

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